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It is very sad to here the Mark Williams has died. I know someone who had met him a few months before his son killed him, and she said that he was very nice and he absolutely loved music. We played his piece 'Greenwillow Portrait' a little while ago in the band I play in, and it is an absolutely beautiful song.

Allan Anderson

I was shocked when I read of Mark William's passing.

I was fixing the computer of the orchestra teacher during one of her rehearsals when a student asked something about the arranger of the piece they were playing, Mark Williams. So I googled Mark Williams to see if I could find the answer and was shocked to learn that he had died just a week or so prior!

I have had my bands (beginning and middle school) play many pieces by Wiliams over the years. I always enjoyed his musical sense of humor: there was always someplace in a song where you think you know what is going to happen, and he purposely would pull the rug out from under you. I met someone once you said they knew him personally in college and said he was always like that.

The thing about being a composer, is even though he may be gone, he left lots of music behind. Its that little bit of immortality that the creators of our world get to enjoy.

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