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Dominick Buonantuono

I had the opportunity of working with Mike in the 80's & 90's @ Korg USA. He put so much of himself into both the industry he loved and Korg. Besides being a friend to many, Mike would always give you the time of day no matter how busy he was.

We shared some good times together on the Korg softball team, playing basketball with the Korg District Sales Managers, and going to ballgames. As many who know Mike can attest to, he was an excellent athlete who kept himself in tip top shape.

Mike had a big heart. It will be very strange not to see Mike in the Korg booth @ Namm.

Personally since I was unaware of Mike's battle with leukemia his passing caught me totally off guard.

Thanks for everything my friend. You were a kind soul and I will miss seeing and speaking with you. Hopefully you are on the third tee in that big country club in the sky. R.I.P....

Jim Petercsak

Mike Kovins , friend, MI leader, and beloved by all who knew him will always be remembered as a great president of Korg and an industry personality. People who worked with him rarely left for other positions because he treated everyone fairly and with dignity. Michael worked tirelessly to include all represented groups into the Industry be that student, professional musician, educator. retailer , or vendor. He saw the benefits of everyone working together to promote the music cause. He may be in a different sphere but he will surely continue to share his position on the big picture. Peace be with you.

Jim Petercsak
SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor
Crane School Of Music
Potsdam. N. Y

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